Autonomous vehicles to 2027: a detailed review

In-depth analysis of the impact of autonomous driving on the automotive industry: business models, regulation, technology, industry restructuring, forecasts for adoption

The new world will be defined by automated driving, in the future it will be an everyday feature of our life and it will completely change mobilityHerbert Diess, Chairman of the Board of Management of Volkswagen

Within a short time frame, not only the concept of autonomous cars but actual deployment of autonomous technology on the road has gone from blue sky theory almost to everyday reality. The automotive industry is faced with radical and deep-rooted change.

Based on extensive primary and secondary research and original surveys, “Autonomous vehicles to 2027” seeks to make sense of developments by breaking them down into their key parts, analysing the impact of each area, and pulling everything together to provide an assessment of the real significance of developments.

12. Mai 2017

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