AutoX to Showcase Their Leading Autonomous Grocery Delivery Technology at CES

CES attendees will have the opportunity to see AutoX autonomous delivery technology in action for the first time.

Having generated considerable buzz following the launch of their pilot program to deliver groceries in August 2018, AutoX has continued to perfect and improve its self-driving technology. The San Jose-based pilot has afforded the company a huge opportunity to work with customers and incorporate their feedback to streamline the ordering and delivery processes.

“We’re excited to bring unique and special technology developments to CES this year,” said Jianxiong Xiao, or Professor X as he is affectionately called by his colleagues, the founder and CEO of AutoX. “Navigating the crowded streets of San Jose has made our A.I. an expert at handling complicated traffic maneuvers in busy streets, very much like those of Las Vegas during the trade show. CES will be a great opportunity to share the fruits of our hard work with our customers and partners worldwide.”

AutoX’s founding mission is to ‘Democratize Autonomy’ by bringing self-driving vehicle technology to the masses. At CES, this means an action-packed booth featuring demo deliveries in the company’s cutting-edge self-driving vehicles and autonomous food delivery for attendees, a CES-first.

During each day of the CES event, AutoX will showcase its self-driving vehicle technology with free autonomous burger deliveries. CES attendees who pick up vouchers from the AutoX booth (LVCC #25953) can get their burger delivered to them at the Residence Inn by Marriott Las Vegas parking lot (3225 Paradise Rd next to LVCC) from 12pm-2pm, January 8-11. The autonomous burger deliveries will be livestreamed at the AutoX booth for visitors to witness AutoX technology in real-time.

AutoX has also just published its first Safety Report, which shows the myriad of strategies the team has undertaken to ensure the safety of their self-driving vehicles, from high-resolution sensing systems to full stack redundancy in both software and hardware, to constant human oversight via a smart hybrid remote assistance system.

10. Januar 2019

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