Driverless cars to hit the road in Denmark

Automated cars could be set for a debut in Denmark, with a trial scheduled to take place in Copenhagen within the next year.

Transport company Arriva, which works in partnership with BMW to provide the city car rental service DriveNow in Copenhagen, has announced that it has ten automated vehicles and is planning a trial with a view to introducing driverless cars to Danish roads.

“We expect to be underway with a trial of the first automated cars within the next 5-6 months,” Morten Jakobsen, Arriva’s mobility service manager and head of the company’s DriveNow operations, told newspaper Jyllands-Posten.

DriveNow currently has 400 electric cars in Copenhagen, of which ten can operate without a driver, according to Jakobsen.

The trial of the cars will take place at a hospital in the city, with the cars driving from the hospital to collect a customer, and then to a parking space.

The cars will remain in the hospital car parking lot during the trial.

Jakobsen declined to confirm which hospital the trial would take place at, but said that he expects the test of the automated cars to take place by the end of this year or beginning of next.

26. Juli 2017

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