Udacity's self-driving taxi spin-off Voyage takes aim at Uber

Silicon Valley online education startup Udacity is spinning off a company that will develop self-driving taxis, taking aim at the likes of Uber Technologies Inc., the company said on Thursday.

Udacity was co-founded by Sebastian Thrun, who was also the co-founder of the Google X research lab that led development of Google's self-driving car.

The new company, dubbed Voyage Auto, will not build its own cars but retrofit existing vehicles.

"I'm starting a new thing with great friends called Voyage Auto," CEO Oliver Cameron said on his LinkedIn page. "We’re deploying autonomous taxis to real users very, very soon."

Cameron is a former vice president of engineering and product at Udacity. He said on his LinkedIn page that "Voyage is building an extremely cheap and safe autonomous taxi service".

Voyage will operate independently from Udacity, which will hold an undisclosed stake in the company.

13. April 2017

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