Driverless cars are coming: So how will cyclists be affected?

Change is a’coming and it will revolutionise the way we get around. The development of driverless cars has gathered pace in recent years and it’s looking increasingly likely that, before too long, such vehicles will be a fixture on our roads. So what will the rise of driverless vehicles mean for society? And more importantly, of course, for cyclists? The owner-operated passenger car is on the way out, to be gradually replaced by the driverless vehicle. Many reports suggest early versions of the technology are advanced and that we’ll be seeing driverless cars on the road in years, rather than decades. There are still a lot of sceptics when it comes to driverless vehicles, with some people unsure why they should surrender control of the steering wheel, or what chaos awaits them on the roads if they do. It’s natural that people focus on the immediate changes: being able to divert your attention away from the car’s controls and the road. But there are other changes that will have an even greater impact. Transport revolution Mass-produced cars for private sale revolutionised transport in the 20th century. People could travel when and where they wanted as never before. For many, driving was an activity in itself. We fell in love with the automobile. In more recent times, that relationship has faltered. As the novelty of motoring wore off, the road toll became a major public health and safety issue.(...)

20. Oktober 2016

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