Sprint, Peachtree Corners partnering on autonomous vehicle test track

Peachtree Corners will be partnering with wireless company Sprint on its new autonomous vehicle test track, the city announced Tuesday.

The $2 million track that runs along along Technology Parkway has been in the works for months, but the new Sprint partnership will add a 5G network, allowing companies that use the facility to test products that can connect and communicate with multiple devices at once. 

The partnership will also produce a laboratory, the Curiosity Lab at Peachtree Corners, intended to allow companies and startups to conduct research and tests on self-driving autos.

A Sprint representative would not disclose the value of its investment in the Project.

The partnership was first announced last week by Sprint at the Consumer Electronics Show, a major technology expo held annually in Las Vegas. 

In April the city announced plans for its self-driving vehicle test track. The city described a  potential autonomous shuttle operating on the 1.4-mile track, which will run alongside traffic on Technology Parkway. Once complete, the track will be available to participating companies for testing autonomous vehicles, including those capable of communicating with drones and other electronic devices.

22. Januar 2019

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