New Data Platform Helps Autonomous Vehicles Learn Rules Of The Road Directly From Cities

Using software and sensors, autonomous vehicles (AVs) have several ways to comprehend the world around them.

Cameras detect objects and read road signs, HD maps tell an AV where it is in relation to other objects and artificial intelligence and machine learning help make sense of it all.

But it’s still an imprecise process. “If there’s a highly automated vehicle pulling up to an intersection and its 50% sure there's a stop sign, 25% sure there's a yield sign and 25% sure there's a do not enter sign, that’s basically useless,” says Avery Ash, head of autonomous mobility for Inrix.

The traffic and mobility data company is filling this information gap with its new AV Road Rules platform, a tool that lets cities digitize their traffic rules and restrictions via an open API. Respectively, Inrix AV Road Rules allows companies conducting testing programs to obtain verified street sign and other traffic infrastructure information directly from transportation authorities.

“Cities will be able to go through the process of validating and managing their traffic rules,” Ash adds. “And vehicle operators don’t have to only rely on sensor-based machine learning methods of learning the rules of the road.”

22. Januar 2019

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