Hyundai Motor cleared to test out truck platooning in Korea

A train of 47 large-size self-driving trucks will travel on expressways in South Korea after the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport on Monday cleared the way for the country’s top automaker Hyundai Motor to try out its platooning technology.

It is Korea’s first road trial permission given out to truck platooning that connects driverless vehicles with smart and mutually communicative system. Platooning is dubbed as a safer and cost-saving road freight option.

Hyundai Motor’s 47 large size autonomous trucks that will be driving on nationwide roads are equipped with sensors such as radars and are operated using detailed road map that helps enhance safety and accuracy of self-driving. Unlike autonomous driving using only sensors, applying detailed road map to operations allow driving safety even when traffic lanes are not visible due to the bad weather such as snow and rain.

Hyundai Motor has been active in promoting research with an aim to develop a self-driving logistics transport system. The company plans to further advance related technology by having its autonomous trucks travel mainly Yeongdong Expressway that leads to Incheon International Airport and 2nd Gyeongin Expressway.

The transport ministry, meanwhile, plans to promote research and development stage by stage in areas such as car-sharing and truck platooning to efficiently improve the country’s overall distribution and transportation system through autonomous driving technology.

05. Juli 2018

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