Lyft Set To Begin Using nuTonomy Self-Driving Cars in Boston

Lyft is continuing to forge ahead with its nuTonomy partnership with a trial of its self-driving vehicles start soon in Boston. What does this mean for you?

Unless you live in Boston, the news might not seem terribly relevant, but its repercussions will be much broader and affect the way we move around cities.

The potential of autonomous vehicles (AV) with self-driving cars is obviously important for carmakers, but especially so for us. More productivity is a notable benefit we should see. Tired of sitting behind the wheel and getting nothing done? Let a robot do the driving for you.

Lyft’s nuTonomy trial is not the only game in town, but it is a well-funded one that is making great strides. The Lyft + nuTonomy partnership will happen in Boston’s Seaport district. So rush out there and tell us about your experience if you can.

How do you do this? You can get on the trial by requesting a ride through the Lyft app. As the pilot develops, a few select Boston passengers in that area will be selected.

What The nuTonomy + Lyft Test Trial Aims To Do

In a nutshell, the nuTonomy + Lyft trial is designed to let the public experience firsthand what a driverless vehicle feels like. And in order to better understand how driverless services will impact our lives, data needs to be gathered. The other important factor is the data feedback from the pilot participants nuTonomy and Lyft will receive. With this feedback, engineers from both companies will continue to improve the system to better accommodate the needs of riders.

Delivering an autonomous transportation experience requires a lot of data and user feedback. In order to do that, a lot of parameters need to be analyzed to offer the safe, efficient, and comfortable experience users demand. nuTonomy aims to continue to develop its research through this first public pilot in the United States.

13. Dezember 2017

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