Waymo’s fleet reaches 4 million self-driven miles

When it comes to developing self-driving cars, experience is key to making the technology safe and ready for the road.

That’s why we’ve been working to make Waymo the world’s most experienced driver. Now, Waymo’s fleet of vehicles has officially reached more than 4 million self-driving miles on public roads (for comparison, that would take the average American driver nearly 300 years to complete). These millions of miles of experience have been crucial to reaching our latest milestone: putting the world’s first fully self-driving cars on public roads without anyone in the driver’s seat.

With these 4 million miles of experience, we’ve been able to focus on varied and complex driving scenarios. For every situation we encounter on the road, we’re able to amplify and multiply the experience in simulation and on our private test track.

Here’s a look at a few more numbers that has made Waymo the most experienced driver on the road:

  • 6: Months it took to accumulate our last million miles, compared to about 18 months for our first million. We continue to accelerate our real world driving and our pace of learning.

28. November 2017

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