Renault Testing Autonomous Cars and Toll Booths

A simple task for a human driver, how will autonomous cars pay their tolls?

There are many questions yet to be answered when it comes to autonomous cars. Some of those questions may be answered once the first federal legislation for autonomous cars is introduced later this week. Meanwhile, in France, Renault is been working on an issue that most people haven't even thought about yet–how autonomous cars will handle toll booths designed for human drivers.

 Engadget reports that Renault has partnered with French road toll operator Sanef, who manages over 1,000 miles of French toll roads, to develop technology that will allow cars to drive themselves through existing toll booths with minimal modification from their present design. Their proposed system would use short-range WiFi to warn the car it is approaching a toll booth one kilometer before arriving. The car will then be able to reduce speed as directed by speed limit signs and roll through an automated toll lane that is compatible with autonomous vehicles, based on sensor input and high-definition map data. Renault and Sanef have been testing this technology on the A13 freeway in Normandy since last June and will continue for at least another year.

26. Juli 2017

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