Roborace releases in-car footage of DevBot’s full autonomous lap of the Berlin circuit

Two weekends ago at the Berlin ePrix, spectators got to see Roborace’s DevBot, the autonomous racing car prototype, do a full lap of the Formula E circuit at Tempelhof airport.

We’ve seen a few short videos which we’ll link below, but today Roborace released the thing we’ve been waiting for: actual in-car footage of the full lap around the circuit.

We’ve seen the Robocar on track before, at the Paris ePrix circuit, but Roborace never released full video of that lap and as you can see from the videos in that article, it was done at very low speed in “explorer mode.”

Berlin’s demonstration didn’t use the Robocar, but went back to the DevBot development car to see how things have been progressing.  The difference between the two is that the DevBot is capable of carrying a human driver to do a shakedown lap and make sure everything is working mechanically, but this will obviously not be present in the final autonomous Robocar.

03. Juli 2017

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