USA: Local Motors 3D prints first Olli, autonomous transit vehicle in Knoxville

Car manufacturer Local Motors has revealed it is currently 3D printing an autonomous vehicle, the Olli at his micro-factory in Knoxville, Tennessee.

The driverless vehicle has already begun trials in Germany as part of a collaboration with Deutsche Bahn and has been designed to autonomously transport small groups of passengers around an urban environment. The German trial is taking place in Berlin to transport passengers from work to the nearest Deutsche Bahn rail station.

“Making history”

In a blog post from Local Motors, the company states it “is making history this week by “printing” it’s first Olli self-driving shuttle in the company’s Knoxville micro-factory.” Local Motors is known for its 3D printed car production in the past which has also incorporated drones.

However, the company is not just using the production method for a gimmick. By implementing 3D printing as the means for production, Local Motors is able to modify the design depending on the customer, while providing a rapid and sustainable production process. Los Angeles company Divergent3D is similarly addressing the automotive market with 3D printed production.

16. Mai 2017

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