How California is trying to keep autonomous vehicle development on track

After California’s Department of Motor Vehicles recently proposed new regulations governing the testing and deployment of autonomous vehicles, many were left to wonder: Will this help retain the state’s status as a testing and deployment ground for the technology, and will it make California safer?

The answer is… yes and … maybe?

The new regulations would keep California in the game, principally by removing earlier roadblocks to deploying fully driverless vehicles — those that can operate without human-driver intervention.

They also keep the requirements that remain workable, such as requiring manufacturers to obtain testing permits and demonstrate financial responsibility. Twenty-seven companies** are testing autonomous vehicles in the state. These developers didn’t flock to California because of its great regulatory environment — they are here largely because Silicon Valley is home to much of the talent, entrepreneurial ethos and investment startup expertise needed to develop the cars of the future.

13. April 2017

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