Chinas Antwort auf Google's selbstfahrendes Auto

Der Internetkonzern Baidu stellt sein Modell mit Selbstfahrtechnik vor, der Chery eQ. Ab 2018 sind Praxiseinsätze in ganz China gelpant. Anbei eine Beschreibung des Autos: Having a tech behemoth in your country certainly has its associated advantages. Baidu, one of China’s most forward looking companies, has introduced a brand new electric car, by modifying a previous iteration. The final result ladies and gentleman, is pretty good looking. Going under the name of Chery eQ, the automobile is Baidu’s very own, all-electric test vehicle. The vehicle is somewhat similar to Google’s autonomous, EV electric vehicle. However, there are a couple of prominent differences. For one, the space inside the automobile. Despite being in the game for longer, Google appears to be laying most of its focus upon getting the driving right and, which may be why it hasn’t paid much attention to things like cabin room. Baidu’s Cherry eQ comes with a significant bit more cabin space than Google’s EV.

25. Oktober 2016

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