Waymo to start testing self-driving cars in Atlanta

...after successful trials in Phoenix, Silicon Valley, and San Francisco

Waymo, Alphabet Inc's self-driving car unit, would start testing its self-driving vehicles in Atlanta, it said on Twitter on Monday.

'Atlanta is a major hub for technology and innovation, and a natural fit for Waymo's testing program,' Waymo said on Twitter. 

With over eight years of testing under its belt, Waymo is a pioneer of self-driving technology, and is already testing vehicles in suburban Phoenix, Michigan, Silicon Valley and San Francisco.

While self-driving car companies test their vehicles in public, they routinely have a human in the driver's seat ready to take over if the technology fails.

Waymo announced the plans on Twitter today, revealing the move follows the success of its recent trials in Arizona - where there are no restrictions on self-driving cars.

The firm launched their Phoenix program back in November 2017. 

'Hello ATL! Metro Atlanta is the next stop for Waymo's test program,' the firm wrote on Twitter.

'Now that we have the world's first fully self-driving vehicles on public roads in AZ, we're looking to take our tech to more cities.' 

25. Januar 2018

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