Intel acquires Mobileye for a staggering $15 billion as the company is seen as potential winner in self-driving

The Israeli company, which was best known by the public as one of the main supplier for Tesla’s first generation Autopilot program, will solidify Intel’s effort in the field of autonomous driving.

The chipmaker already had a partnership with Mobileye for the development of self-driving technology and it is currently the biggest private employer in Israel.

It makes the acquisition more natural, but the price paid shows serious confidence in Mobileye’s tech by Intel.

The company turned a significant profit of $108 million last year on $350 million in revenue from the sales of its driver assist systems to almost all major automakers in the world. But its $10 billion valuation was already seen as extraordinarily high for the prospect of revenue. $15 billion brings the valuation to an all-time high for Mobileye.

14. März 2017

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